The Moon Seven Times Discog v3.1 by Brian McKay

The Moon Seven Times is: Lynn Canfield (vocals), Henry Frayne (guitar),
	Brendan Gamble (drums), Don Gerard (bass)

M7X = Moon Seven Times

Background:  The members of The Moon Seven Times are long time residents
	of Champaign-Urbana IL.  They had their first 7" issued in 1992,
	and were quickly signed to Third Mind in early 1993, when they
	released their self-titled album "The Moon Seven Times".  They
	released their 2nd album called "7=49" in the Spring of 1994
	on Roadrunner.  M7X has toured from Chicago to New York City, 
	and from Kansas to Georgia.  They are currently working on
	their third release, possibly due out before the end of 1995.   

	Band members have previously played in a number of other groups, 
	most notably Area, The Bowery Boys, Poster Children, and The Arms 
	of Someone New.  A discography of these other works is included 
	for reference at the end of this document.


"The Moon Seven Times", 7", Parasol PAR-012, 1992.
	A: My Medicine, B: Motion, Ghost Station.

	Art: Sarah MacDonald, Henry Frayne, Erich Stenzel, 
		Lynn Canfield and Kevin Salemme.	

	Credits: Kirsten Skiles (background voice on My medicine)
		 Henry Frayne (background vocals on My Medicine)

	Special: Comes with snazzy sticker set

"The Moon Seven Times", CD/CS, Third Mind tm 9106 2, 1993.
	her house/ miranda/ this and that/ motion/ straw donkeys/
	rise/ paris luna/ dear joe/ my medicine/ sweet magnolias/
	surrender/ deep water

	Credits: Megan McGinty (voice on sweet magnolias)
 		 Jon Pines (train sounds and finger snaps)
		 Kirsten Skiles (background voice on sweet magnolias)
		 Joe Strell (bass guitar on rise, train sounds and glasses)		
	Art: Chris Bigg

	Special: Bonus tracks (not listed): ghost station/ ride 'em chuck/
	perhaps my life is a miracle/ spooky.
	Special #2: CD screen design differs in US and Europe.  US has
	dark brown with lighter brown text, while the Euro release
	has a Chris Bigg design.
"The Moon Seven Times", CD, Appollon International APCY-8130, 1993.	
	Japanese version of album.  Contains bio booklet in Japanese
	written by Michinari Yamada.  CD screen is a modified version
	(red) of Chris Bigg screen on the European release. 

	Coordinator: Syusuke M. Kawahara  

"7=49", CD/CS, Roadrunner RR 9018-2, 1994.
	Knock Intro/ Knock/ Guppy/ Crybaby/ Let the Other One Stay/
	My Game/ Desert Vineyards/ John Intro/ John/ The Pavement Shines/
	On a Limb/ Curling Wall/ Anyway*/ I'll Gather Flowers~

	Special: The CD version contains 13 extra tidbits at the
		end of the regular listing.  Lynn called it "The
		Thirteenth Song" in one of the M7X newsletters.
		The CD has 14 tracks, but it appears that Lynn
		wasn't counting the "intro's", so...

	The Thirteenth Song: M7X show/ lighter/ Argo/ Tubes of PVC/
	Henry/ Hello in the Kitchen/ Head Full of Gears/ Finches/
	Inhaler/ Bells/ Eng. Dept. Party/ The Birds/ Nails

	*  Anyway is a remake of an Area track from "Between Purple
	and Pink".

	~  I'll Gather Flowers is a remake of an Area track
	from "The Perfect Dream".

	Art: Erich Stenzel, Lynn Canfield

"7=49", CD, Appolon International APCY-8181, 1994.
	Japanese version of CD.  Conatins bio booklet and lyric sheet
	in Japanese, written by Michinari Yamada.  Credits and lyrics are
	on the blue cover art in the Japanese version (they are on white 
	in the US/Euro versions).

	Coordinator: Syusuke M. Kawahara  

Doctor Death's Volume Five, "Heart's Lust In Limbo", CD/CS, 
	C'est La Mort CLM 035-2, 1991.
	Compilation contains Miranda, which is available on "The Moon
	Seven Times" self-titled album.

"Heavenly Voices" Disc 1, CD (CS?), Hyperium HY 85, 1993.
	Compilation contains "Giannis", currently unavailable elsewhere.

	Special:  Compilation comes in two flavors, regular, and Limited
		Edition Box Set (which has 3 cardstock pictures).

"Thurtene", CD, Dewdrops DEW 001, 1993.
	Compilation of 4AD covers from a smattering of perspectives.
	Contains the Clan of Xymox cover "Michelle", which is currently
	unavailable elsewhere.

	Special:  Compilation comes in two printings, the first has
		dark green cover art, the second has the same art in red.
		Both pressings are limited to 1000 copies each.

"The Third Mind", CD/CS/LP*, Third Mind TMCD50, 1990.
	Third Mind compilation.  Contains My Medicine (demo) which 
	differs from the track on the first album.
	* CS/LP versions of the compilation do not contain the M7X track.

Sonara, Itinerari Oltre Il Suono, Copyright: Materiali Sonori Edizioni
	Musicali Italy, 3/92.
	Italian music magazine translates as "Itineraries Beyond the Sounds"
	with companion CD which is called "the compact".

	Contains "Paris Luna" which is the same version on the first,
	self-titled album.

"The Moon Seven Times", CS demo, 1992.
	Demo of finished mixes put out by M7X before their first album.

	Side A: miranda/ this and that*/ straw donkeys/ motion/ her house/
	ghost station/ rise
	Side B: paris luna/ dear joe/ my medicine/ sweet magnolias/
	there's no doubt in my mind now/ surrender/ deep water

	* this track was remixed for the Third Mind album release.

Discorsa Musica, November 1992.
	Theme music for Discorso Musica radio show in Venice, Italy,
	DJ'ed by Loris Bertocco and Luca Barison.  Show airs on Radio
	Cooperativa in Venice, Italy.

"The Moon Seven Times", Video, 1992.
	Live concert of material from first album in front of small
	studio audience.  Was broadcast on WILL TV, in Champaign-
	Urbana, Illinois, in November 1992 as a part of the "New
	Expressions" series.  Contains some live interview pieces
	mixed between the tracks.

"Paris Luna", Video, 1993.
	Video of song from first album.  Filmed at Nichols Arboretum (??) 
	in Naperville IL, and the Chicago Art Institute.

"The Moon Seven Times", Video, 1994.
	Another WILL TV special.  Aired in October of 1994.

Other Stuff:
	The Moon Seven Times T-shirt: black shirt, design on front:
	white text with astrological lattice design (in blue, magenta
	or green).

	The Moon Seven Times Poster No.1: Promo poster for first, self-
	titled album from Third Mind.  Is a 90 degree rotation of Chris
	Bigg cover art, with blue text over the art.  Small square sketches
	(by Lynn) are on right side which decribe the tracks
	on the album.

	The Moon Seven Times Postcard No.1: Promo postcard for first, self-
	titled album from Third Mind.  Has Chris Bigg art as per album
	cover, but expanded a bit.  On the back, has the small square
	sketches from the poster (by Lynn) in 3 rows of five.    

	The Moon Seven Times Poster No.2: Poster for "7=49", similar to
	album cover with large photo of band.  Mainly blue with geometric

	"Fishes I Have Known": Mini book of sketches by Lynn.
	"Tales From the Tour: Part I": Mini book of sketches by Lynn about
	the first part of the Great M7X Summer Tour.
	"Tales From the Tour: Part II":  Mini book of sketches by Lynn
	about the second part of the the Great M7X Summer Tour.

	"The Moon Seven Times": Promo booklet with bios of the band members.
	Contains photos and sketches (by Lynn again).  


Area Discog v3.0

Area was: Lynn Canfield (vocals), Henry Frayne (guitar), Steve Jones (keyboards)

"White Canvas, New Hope", CS, Office Records fil-91, 1986.
	disappear here/ the blue spark/ crystal/ micheal writes his parents/
	copper/ fine and still line/ all about money/ parachute/
	sincerely charlotte/ white canvas new hope/ higher than heaven	

	This is out-of-print.  Various tracks appear on other
	Area CD's.  micheal writes his parents and crystal are
	on "Radio Caroline."  higher than heaven, sincerely charlotte,
	and parachute are bonus tracks on "Radio Caroline".
	disappear here, the blue spark, and all about money are
	bonus tracks on "The Perfect Dream."  copper, and a fine 
	and still line are on the Area compilation "Agate Lines."  

	Art:  Lynn Canfield, Steve Jones

"Radio Caroline", CS/LP, Office Records fil-101, 1987.
	Side A: this one/ head above water/ sweet revenge/ micheal
	writes his parents/ one desire
	Side B: transmitter/ resistance/ long faces/ after the end/

"Radio Caroline", CD, C'est La Mort CLM-018, 1989.
	this one/ head above water/ sweet revenge/ micheal writes
	his parents/ one desire/ transmitter/ resistance/ long faces/
	after the end/ crystal/ higher than heaven*/ sincerely charlotte*/ 

	* Bonus tracks on CD

	Credits: Glenn Graham (sax on sweet revenge)
                 Kevin Crowley (bass on one desire)
		 All songs written by Area, except one desire by
		 	Area/Don Gerard.  Don's name was accidentally
			left off the CD version.

	Art: Carole Holly (speaking with the dead, cover photo)
             April Filak (photos)

"The Perfect Dream" CD/CS/LP, C'est La Mort CLM-006, 1988.
	25/ with louise/ i'll gather flowers/ surrender to the wheel/
	sympathy/ why should i worry/ vigilant/ thread/ tunnel/
	as thick as thieves/ disappear here*/ the blue spark*/
	all about money*/ sisters of mercy*~

	* Bonus tracks on CD

	~ a Leonard Cohen cover  

	Credits: Glenn Graham (sax and clarinet)
	         Nick Rudd (guitar on with louise)
	         K. Paul Boyev (bass on as thick as thieves)
		 All songs written by Area, except with louise
		 	by Area/Nick Rudd.

	Art: Martin Sorger/ Earwig Studio

"The Perfect Dream", LP, Third Mind TMLP28, 1989.
	Non-US version of LP, licensed by Third Mind for Europe.  
	It was distributed by Play It Again Sam (PIAS) and was available 
	in Europe, Japan, and Australia.

"Between Purple and Pink", CD/~, C'est La Mort CLM-021, 1989.
	anyway/ brave parade/ all there is*/ guessing game/ robin/
	what heaven is for/ permafrost/ rail*/ our corner drowning/
	blue moon/ we said/ dry spell*/ electroculture*/ filled

	* Bonus tracks on CD

	~ Although there are "bonus tracks" on the CD, plans for a
	LP/CS version never materialized.

	Art: David Worrell, John McDougall

"Fragments of the Morning", CD/CS/LP, C'est La Mort CLM-031, 1990.
	puzzle boy/ the one year/ express/ green light/ all souls/
	larger then life/ about time/ at arms length/ subway/
	dead feather years/ lifeline*/ all souls (acoustic)*/
	express (extended)*

	* Bonus tracks on CD

	Special:  Henry Frayne did not appear on this album

	Art: Martin Sorger, Eric Fluke

"Agate Lines" CD/LP, Third Mind TMCD59, 1990.
	Tracks					Origin(s)
	1. Anyway				BPP
	2. Michael Writes His Parents 		WC, RC
	3. I'll Gather Flowers			PD
	4. Dry Spell				BPP		
	5. Parachute				WC, RC			
	6. Sympathy				PD
	7. Filled				BPP	
	8. This One				RC
	9. With Louise				PD
	10. Guessing Game			BPP			
	11. All About Money			WC
	12. Sisters of Mercy			PD
	13. All There Is			BPP		
	14. A Fine and Still Line		WC	
	15. Tunnel				PD
	16. Copper				WC

	Credits: with louise by Canfield/Rudd (differs from PD credits)	

	Art: Chris Bigg (design and calligraphy)
	     Beverley Carruthers (photography)

	Special: LP version only contains first 12 tracks.
		 Copper version on CD is only "half" of the original
			version on "White Canvas, New Hope".

Split Cassette: Area/Arms of Someone New, SJ Organization, 1989.
	Area tracks: resitance (dance), to sir with love*, sweet revenge~

	* Cover of song from the 1967 film "To Sir with Love" starring 
	Sidney Poitier and Judy Geeson.  The character Lulu sang the
	song in the film.
	~ Unedited version.  Track was orignally cut to fit on the
	"Radio Caroline" LP, and this same cut version was subsequently 
	placed on the CD version.

	This beast might be impossible to acquire.  Catalog number

"Une Saison En Enfer (World Domination)", CD, Third Mind, TMCD03, 1988.
	Third Mind Compilation which contains i'll gather flowers (remix),
	which according to Henry, is much different from "The Perfect Dream"
	LP version.

Doctor Death's Volume Four, "The Marvels of Insect Life", 2CD/LP/CS, 
	C'est La Mort CLM 029-2, CLM 029-B, 1990.
	Compilation (all versions) contains Green Light, which is
	available on "Fragments of the Morning."   CD version has
	companion disc with instrumental music, but this extra disc
	does not contain an Area track.

"From Across This Gray Land No.2", CD/CS, Projekt PRO-29, 1990.
	Projekt compilation contains remixes of Our Corner Drowning 
	and Robin Song from "Between Purple and Pink."

Other stuff:
	Area T-shirt: black shirt, design on front.  White text, green
	hand like "Between Purple and Pink" cover art.

	"Area", Video clips, Feb 1990.
	Live material for test run of "New Expressions" series, WILL TV
	Champaign-Urbana, Illinois.  The band consisted of Henry, Lynn,
	Brendan, and Nick Rudd (bass).  The Area clips were never

	'I'll Gather Flowers", 8mm video, 1988.
	Video shot by Steve Bailey.  Never released. 


Other Misc Stuff Discog v3.1

This is a discog of other stuff various members of The Moon Seven Times
and Area have been involved with:

Poster Children "Flower Plower", LP/CS, Limited Potential Records LimP 004,

Poster Children "Flower Plower", CD, Frontier 01866 34633 2,
	1987, 1988, 1991.
	Brendan Gamble played drums on tracks 1-4: dangerous life/ 
	wanna/ byron's song/ eye.

The Farm Boys, "Ditch Valley", format?, Puddn'head, 8501, year?.
	Adam Schmitt (vocals/guitar), Charlie Dold (guitar), Lars
	Gustafsson (bass), Don Gerard (drums).

	Take the Blame/ Ashtray/ In Three Days/ Over & Again/ Runaway/
	Nothing's Wrong (Tell Me)

	Notes: Don says: "In their hey-day the Farm Boys were atop the
	local [Champaign-Urbana] scene.  Adam [Schmitt] went on to put
	out two solo albums on Warner Bros. ("World So Bright" and
	"Illiterature").  Charlie [Dold] has put out several solo 45s
	on the Bus Stop label and his last band, Milo, put out an EP
	(vinyl/CD) which is available on Mud through Parasol."

The Bowery Boys, "George Jones Vs. Godzilla", CS, Office Records, fil-???,
	LeRoy Bach (voclas/guitar), Eric Jakobsson (guitar/vocals), Lars
	Gustaffson (bass), Don Gerard (drums).

	Julie Ann/ Silly Sad Girl/ More Music Just For Boys/ 
	Never Get Me For Your Own/ Fall Off Your Roof

	Notes:  Don says: "1988 review of the Bowery Boys contained the word 
	"grunge" three full years before Nirvana.  The band played with
	everyone from Husker Du to Soul Asylum, The Replacements, Babes
	In Toyland etc.  LeRoy now plays with Liz Phair and can be seen in
	her videos.  Lars appeared on the Titanic Love Affair albums
	"Titanic Love Affair" (Charisma) and "No Charisma" (Crackpot)."

Blown, "Forever", CD, Parasol, CD-001, year?
	Don Gerard played bass in this Nick Rudd project.
	?? tracks that Don played on?
	?? was there a 7" version?

Steve Pride and his Blood Kin, "Ghost of Mary Magdeline", 7", Spur, Spur 001,
	Both Brendan and Don played on this recording.
	?? what are the tracks on Side A & B?

Stark, CS, self-released, 1990.
	Shannow Drew (drums), Brendan Gamble (vocals, guitar), Matt
	Golosinski (bass), Chris Rogers (guitar).

	Side A: every day/ take it with you/ watch your signals
	Side B: now/ one way to the bottom

Stark, CS, self-released, 1992.
	Brendan Gamble (vocals, bass), Chris Rogers (guitars), Shannon
	Drew( drums and percussion). 

	retro visionary/ city's insane/ how to behave/ better class of living

	Four song demo tape, with a few copies sold in Germany.

	Art: Brendan Gamble

The Office Records Saga featuring: The Arms of Someone New, !Ack-Ack!, and
	other obscure stuff.

The Arms of Someone New, "Susan Sleepwalking", LP, Office Records fil-15, 1985.
	The Arms of Someone new is: Steve Jones, Mel Eberle, with some 
	assitance from Nick Rudd.

	Contains first recored version of with louise, credited to Nick Rudd.
	Also contains a lyric sheet.  Under the lyrics for the song with 
			gaze on them
			'til tears dim you sight
			but keep that earlier
			wilder image bright
	This was written before Area recorded it.	

!Ack Ack!, "Another Face", 7", Office Records fil-36, 1985.
	Steve Shields (lead vocals), Henry Frayne (guitar), Lynn Canfield
	(keyboards, backing vocals), Joe Strell (bass, backing vocals)
	and Brendan Gamble (drums).

	A: Another Face, B: Look

!Ack Ack!, "Automatic", 12", Ofice Records fil-57, 1986.
	Steve Shields (lead vocals), Henry Frayne (guitar), Lynn Canfield
	(keyboards, backing vocals), Joe Strell (bass, backing vocals)
	and Brendan Gamble (drums).

The Arms of Someone New, "Love, Power & Justice", CS, Office Records fil-72,
	Lynn Canfield, Henry Frayne, Brendan Gamble, and Joe Strell play on
	different tracks.  The tracks Hollywood and No City Fun are also on 
	the "Promise" EP from C'est La Mort.

"Better then God", CS, Office Records fil-73, 1986.
	Office Records compilation of local (Champaign IL) bands.

	Radio Now by The Arms of Someone New (vocals by Lynn Canfield).  
	two live !Ack-Ack! tracks: Radio Bombay, and Pretty Babies Invade 
	Museum and Science dub by Nick Rudd
	Disappear Here and Blue Spark by Area.

Split Heaven,"Stronger than the Rain", CS, Office Records fil-93, 1986.
	A Joe Strell project.
	Side A: place your values/ that's all/ wanted/ beyond/ sordid memory
	Side B: goodbye doris day/ a separate stance/ fear of the dead/
	shut out of the dark/ again

	Credits: M. McGinty* (voice on sordid memory/ a separate stance)
	         B. Gamble (bongos and whistling on again)

	* Megan McGinty also helped on M7X's first album (sweet magnolias)
"Bigger Then God", CS, Office Records fil-103, 1987.
	Second Office Records compilation of local talent.

	Tyranny B4 temptation/ Condition Red, live tracks by !Ack-Ack!
	Resistance (dance)/ The and The, by Area
	The Girl from Impanema/ She Said She Said, by Split Heavens 
		(Joe Strell)
	Call of the Wild/ Where are the Sex Boys, by Judy Gang (Lynn
		Canfield/Steve Shields)

Sylvia Darling, "Sylvia Darling", CS, Office Records fil-213, 1988.
	Brendan Gamble and Joe Strell 

	link/ broken arms/ the bridge*/ not from heaven/ up up and away*/
	laces of rouen/ legitimate fear/ three days.

	* Henry Frayne plays on these tracks.

Split Heaven, "Hydraulic Angel Hymns", CS, Office Records fil-244, 1988.
	More Joe Strell work.  

	Side A: i might have guessed/ patience is a virtue/ the custom/
	now that it's over/ resurrection/ girl from ipanema/ 
	dear lynn: chicago
	Side B: at night the smoke/ wanted: a few good men/ 
	did you take her to a movie?/ treading water/ sitting in limbo/
	not tonight/ one step behind

	Credits: Brendan Gamble (drums on the custom/ treading water)
		 Brian Reedy (drums and voice on wanted: a few good men)
		 Megan McGinty (chorus vocals on girl from ipanema)

The Arms of Someone New, "Promise", CD/LP, Ce'st La Mort, CLM-LP 008, 1988.
	LP Tracks: A: No City Fun/ Hollywood/ Pirouette/ Blue Rain/
	Stars End, B: Here Comes Everything/ Souvenir/ Beacon/ Another
	heaven/ Every Seventh Wave.

	CD has bonus tracks.

	Art: Earwig Studio

The Arms of Someone New, "Every Seventh Wave", EP, C'est La Mort, CLM-019, 19??.

Split Heavens, "Ancient Blue", CS, self-released CAT-02, 1990.
	Joe Strell self-released cassette.

	Side A: my silent year/ tuesday blue/ suffer the children/
	take this time/ and i do/ i got a letter (I)/ there's no doubt
	Side B: the martyr in you/ cost of living/ patience never knew/
	hey/ so close to home/ everything's too much to carry/
	i got a letter (II)

	Credits: M. Strell (chorus vocals on i got a letter (II))

Split Heavens, "Walking Toward You", CS, self-released *, 1991.
	Joe Strell self-released cassette.

	Side A: satsuko/ thought you'd like to know/ what sadder thing/
	enjoying life/ never/ wanted
	side B: dave/ me & bobbie mcgee/ down & up/ my goodness/ it's not/
	puddles in the park/ i'm not looking

	* there is no catalog number for this item.

The Jim and Henry Story featuring: Johann/Birdpoo, The Committee on Funny,
	General Perkins' Olde Fashioned Pickles, The Peddlers, Frayne
	Productions and Lanterna.

Henry Johann and Jimmy Birdpoo, "Unfinished Symphonies", CS, Golden Bozo 
	Records GOB-101, 1985.
	Henry Johann (actually Henry Frayne) and Jimmy Birdpoo (actually
	James Dobson) project.

	mildred/ bugaboo/ dr. bellows/ room 43/ in a big gulp/
	whisker bisquit/ last order

Henry Johann and Jimmy Birdpoo, "The Halloween Single", CS, Golden Bozo 
	Records GOB-102, 1985.
	Another Henry Frayne/James Dobson project.

	worse/ poo reads poe/ toyko vice

Henry Johann and Jimmy Birdpoo, "Sgt. Billy's Ziggy Night Fever", CS, Golden
	Bozo Records GOB-103, 1986.	
	Yup, more Henry and James.

	sgt. billy's ziggy night fever/ playing with myself/ we could 
	eat gyros/ visine (gets the red out)/  shit, shower and shave

The Committee on Funny, "The Decline of Midwestern Civilization", CS, Golden
	Bozo Records GOB-104, 1987.
	Probably another Johann/Birdpoo project.

	rod on coke/ don's parties/ bugar on my finger/ john merrick
	hosts carol burnette/ joe strell vs. rodan and the smog monster/
	heroin/ halloween guest/ cheese on my chops/ 7up jingle/ the present.

Mohn Music Tape, Mohn Music MM , 1988
	Phil douglas (vocals), Alan Mohn (guitar), Jimmy Dobson (bass).

	Contains: King Fool
	danny partridge in the army/ attack of the killer bears/ etc

General Perkins' Olde Fashioned Pickles, "General Perkins' Olde Fashioned
	X-mas", CS, Frayne Productions FP 001, 1989. 
	More Frayne/Dobson work?

	good king wenceslas/ jacob marley/ joy to the world/ let it snow/
	white x-mas/ thomas rae (looks like freddie mercury)/ auld lang syne.

General Perkins' Olde Fashioned Pickles, "Deee Lectable", CS, Frayne
	Productions FP 002, 1990.
	Yet more Frayne/Dobson stuff?

	fox on the run/ fraynekenstein/ like skippy*/ ridin' the range/
	serenade in E major/ cup o' joe/ gotta stop/ achieving oneness/
	zeus III/ pot calling kettle/ baldy's blues/ handball/ all that
	really matters/ miranda.

	* like skippy was released on Dr. Death Volume Five: "Heart's Lust
	In Limbo" under the group name The Peddlers.

The Halloween Single II, CS, Frayne Productions FP 003, 1990.
	Weird obscure thing by: James Dobson (voice), Henry Johann (actually
	Henry Frayne) (music), Brendan Gamble (drums), Lynn Canfield (voice). 

	Ghost, Ghost, Ghost/ U Sexy THING/ Heap!/ Dark Space/ 
	Spooky/ 1-900-FRENZYS

	Special:  Tape runs about 30 minutes.  Review of songs provided
	by David Gilles-Thomas ( below:

	'Ghost, Ghost, Ghost' and 'U Sexy THING' are fun little rock songs.

	'Heap!' is a story read in a fake english (german?) accent.  

	'Dark Space' is a wonderfully moody piece that incorporates a 
	recording of Jean Luc Picard (Patrick Stewert) when he was transformed
	into a Borg (from a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode).  This 
	song is	alone worth finding the tape.  It's great!
	'Spooky' is a brief bit of Lynn apparently goofing around in the 
	studio -- lovely nonetheless.

	1-900-FRENZYS is another spoken word piece complete with a 
	bad Peter Lorre imitation.

Page of stamps, Frayne Productions FP 004, 1991.
	1/4 each of M7X, Lanterna, Frayne Productions, and The Peddlers.

Doctor Death's Volume Five, "Heart's Lust In Limbo", CD/CS, 
	C'est la Mort CLM 035-2, 1991.
	Compilation contains track by The Peddlers, called
	Like Skippy, which features Henry Frayne on guitar
	and James Dobson on vocals.

Lanterna, CS, Frayne Productions FP 005, 1992
	Side project collaboration by Henry Frayne (guitar and voice), 
	Brendan Gamble (drums) and Lynn Canfield (voice on John).  
	CS comes in two formats, Limited Edition Box set, and regular 

	The Limited Edition Box set comes with photo booklet and
	a hand pressed, numbered copper plate on its cover.  Rumor
	has it, that fluffy seeds from a milk weed plant were
	also included :). 

	CS Side A: Silent Hills/ Down by the Seine/ Turbine/ 1985/
	Haunted House/ Dark Spring/ Dun Dun/ Horses in Slow Motion/
	Agean/ Down by the Seine (Drowning)/ Ether Net/ Puerto de Luna/

	CS Side B: Knock/ End of the Tunnel/ Colossus/ Passage/
	Bells-Falling/ John/ Dragon Season/ Slides/
	No.7 Galerie des Anciennes/ Achieving Oneness/ Like Thomas 

	Special: Comes with snazzy Lanterna stickers.
	Special: Also available, promo postcard with photographs by
	Kevin Salemme.

	Art: Erich Stenzel, Henry Frayne

Lanterna, "of shapes that haunt thought's wilderness", LP, Elfish ELF 011, 1992.
	Side A: silent hills/ down by the seine/ turbine/ 1985
	Side B: colossus/ end of the tunnel/ haunted house/ dark spring/ 
	puerto de luna

	Special: The Lanterna LP is limited edition (500 copies), and was 
	released only in Greece.

	Art: Erich Stenzel, Henry Frayne, Kevin Salemme

Lanterna, T-Shirt, Frayne Productions FP 007, 1993?

Lanterna, CD, Parasol CD-013, Available Spring 1995.
	Contains 17 tracks from the boxed cassette.


Art (, Woj (, Josh (
Steve (, Matt (, 
Davis Gilles-Thomas (, Dave (,
Robogirl (, CZ (ckemnitz@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU),
Ivo (beswick@SCF.USC.EDU), Kagin Lee (, 
Bruce (, Boroda (,
Literati (, Kirk (

Special thanks to Henry Frayne ( for filling in 
	the details and for supporting this endeavor.  

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